Once upon a time I had a near death experience where I was given a sneak peek behind the veil of the matrix, and it forever changed my life. I have shared this experience in a previous blog post about my ferry ride across the Ganges/Padma River in Bangladesh. When I hear people say if God (or if that is triggering for you say the universe, source, the creator, etc.) exists, prove it! I simply smile. You see, I don’t have a choice, and haven’t for quite some time now.

Mindfulness meditation, Vipassana, and various forms of yoga, hypnotherapy and past life regressions have helped to open my consciousness to deeper levels of understanding, which is what I wish to share as the Earth and our civilization are entering a new era, which is happening now. I want to be very clear that it doesn’t matter if you believe or don’t believe in God or a higher power or believe that we are entering a New Earth/5D Reality, it is simply happening in the present moment. The Mayan calendar was not off, but the end of a cycle. It is in the magic of this present moment that we will focus on today to help give you some tools as the shift into this “New Earth” unfolds, now.

As the shift is taking place it is important to focus on yourself and your energy and making sure you are healthy, well, and coming into your own personal power. I will define personal power as being seated in your heart center. We are far bigger than we realize. Our power lies in our heart and connection to emotion. If you are like my wonderful brother and can’t relate to any of this spirituality and think this is all just new age gobbledygook then perhaps you can relate to Marvel Comics…think of… say Tony Stark… yes, Iron Man, it is basically like that. The shift into the New Earth is an upleveling into a new dimension in the multiverse., or another way to think about it is the next step in the evolution of our consciousness on the planet. We all understand the universe in our own way, and it is perfectly okay, there is no right or wrong way, we all have free will to believe anything we want. Iron Man is a great example of someone connecting into the amazing energy and power of their heart, even when artificial.

Which brings us back into the power of the heart. I have spoken previously how the fundamental practice of Mindfulness is the Body Scan. When we scan our body, we can start seeing the subconscious aspects of ourselves that we are holding onto. In some meditative techniques the theory is that the sensations in our body hold the answers to the root of our suffering. Once we can bring awareness to those roots, they can be eradicated and dissolved. The Body Scan is basically a clinical appropriation of the Vipassana Technique that the Buddha used to become enlightened and enter higher states of consciousness. Don’t worry, you won’t become enlightened by doing a body scan… or will you? No judgment.

Either way the meditation technique is useful tidying things up and helping you become clearer, and more heart centered towards yourself and others. In vipassana meditation at the end of a retreat the focus is on Metta meditation, in which a mantra you may hear is: “May all beings be happy, May all beings be peaceful, and May all beings be liberated.” It is a very powerful meditation to wish loving kindness to all beings on Earth.

Another technique is to drop into a meditation and then ask yourself this question:

“Heart, show me, what do I need to be most aware of to come more fully into the heart?”

Once you have asked the question, be still and calm and see what insights pop into the field of your awareness. If you don’t get anything right away be patient, and allow things to unfold in their own time, but you will eventually gain insights into what is needed to get closer to your heart. It is advisable to write things out that come to you during meditation, or dictate it into your smart phone.

Additionally, whatever comes up for you it can be helpful to then say to yourself: I love and accept the part of me _______ (that is sad, or anxious, or is fearful, feels shame, guilt, or something positive).” Remember, you don’t have to worry about whether it is good or bad, you are loving and accepting all parts of the self nonjudgmentally.

This technique of “loving and accepting” allows you to harvest the energy from the mind matrix (ie Central Nervous System and you Default Mode Network, aka Automatic Pilot) that is preventing you from anchoring into the heart and greater heart coherence.

Heart coherence according to HeartMath is a high performance and healthy state- physically emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- that brings out the very best in us. Heart coherence is a synchronized and empowering state that allows us to become our best selves. The ultimate state of FLOW.

Your real power is the ability to create beyond the limitations of the mind. Start from the heart. By practicing some of these techniques you be clearing away negative self-limiting beliefs and opening your heart to greater insights, connection, and joy in your life.

When you are living and honoring your life in a more authentic way you will understand that there is no need to worry about the shift because you will already have shifted. Be kind and true to yourself. Find your Ikigai (life passion), laugh, connect with friends, dance, have fun, and don’t forget to be happy. Physical exercise, sleep, and adequate nutrition will be helpful as well. It is an exciting time, don’t be distracted, manipulated, or ruled by fear, there are brighter days ahead and in the infinity of life, all is well.