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I Can Help.

I teach clients how to create the life they want by overcoming self-limiting core beliefs, being more present, & utilizing the power of their subconscious mind.

I’ve been there. Trust me. Years of pushing my mind & body to the limits, stress (both good & bad), sports injuries, and anxiety took a toll on my life, career, and relationships. I eventually became aware through mindfulness I could change my life. While I had practiced meditation, it is far more than a Guided Meditation on your smartphone. Actually using it skillfully and adaptively has profoundly changed my life, and can change yours too, or simply optimize your performance.

My goal is to share my experiences with the power of mindfulness and psychotherepeutic interventions, hypnosis, EFT, & Energy Psychology with those who desire to elevate their lives through a heart centered approach- whether you’re an entrepreneur, lawyer, healthcare provider, or business professional, elite athlete, or working parent trying to balance it all – I’m here to help you find your flow in order to enjoy all of life’s special moments.

An extraordinary service to the community. Jim has the tools to share with anyone who wants to improve their life. Jim is great with individuals and all types of groups. Jim has been helping me for years and serves with various nonprofits to give back. Highly recommend!   -Michael Millios, Founder, Karuna Community MN 

I’ll show you how to cultivate the power of mindfulness to help increase Awareness, Self-Compassion, and Flow & Performance. Mindfulness gives us a lens to what is happening now, which is the only time you have to take action.

Learning to respond skillfully to the present moment can ground us in the midst of the storms of our lives and help us to bounce back with greater resiliency.

Enjoy my Guided Meditations to begin your mindfulness journey.