Mindfulness is classically defined as paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with non-judgment. With awareness, true awareness, all things are possible. You have the power to change your life for the better, and our society as well, but you must want to do it. We all have free will. We all have choice.

One can see in today’s polarized world how easy our mindsets can find the worst in each other and become unbalanced, and quite negative to everyone’s detriment. People are incredibly good about projecting their judgment, fears, and anxieties onto other people, all in the name of moral virtue. I am right, and you are wrong gets replayed over and over like a broken record solving nothing and creating more conflict, polarization, and negativity in the world. It is harder to reflect on our own minds, attitudes, beliefs, and actions and how they impact ourselves and others. Here is a simple antidote: do not let miserable people make you miserable.

If you learn anything from a wise teacher, mentor, coach, or therapist then learn to love yourself and others as well, even those you do not agree with. By choosing with mindful intention to be peaceful, compassionate, and meet moments of difficulty with kindness we can begin the process of change not only in our own lives but in our society and world as well.

Intention: The thing that you plan to do or achieve: your aim or purpose.

Below is a brief outline about how to cultivate a powerful, kind, and loving mindful mindset.

1.    Intention shapes our thoughts, words, and emotions.

2.    Thoughts, words, and emotions mold our actions.

3.    Thoughts, words, emotions, and actions shape our behaviors.

4.    Behaviors sculpt our bodily expressions.

5.    Bodily expressions fashion our character.

6.    Our character hardens into what we look like.


Practice Tip:

List your intentions for practice, write them down, and start to bring awareness to the changes you want to see in your life. It will help immensely to journal your progress as well, daily if possible.


For example. I recently decided to let go of any negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that I was carrying. I didn’t really know how many I had since all of them  are not always in my conscious mind. However, though a formal mindfulness meditation practice and also meditating on the image of the violet flame, an image used to transmute (change in form) into the more positive emotion of love and forgiveness for anyone who has ever hurt me and also for myself, my actions, and for those I have hurt. By setting the intention to stop beating myself up with my inner critic (we are harder on ourselves than anyone) and choosing to love myself and others I have felt a powerful shift in my life. I feel lighter and more free to live how I want.

When we practice loving kindness meditation by myself or in a group we send our love and vibration to ALL sentient beings to feel safe, be loved, be happy, and be peaceful, not just those that agree with this belief or that, and it turns out that it feels quite good to release love into the universe. The world will start to change when we begin to see the good in ourselves and how we can contribute to the world. As with all things this must be practiced, so set an intention when you are ready and start making the change you want to see in your life!