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  • Mindfully Fit Attitudes

    Mindfully Fit Attitudes

    The concept is simple. Mindfulness is a way of being you can have in any moment of your life. How can one be present and bring a kind, playful, and non-judgmental attitude to their workouts? Better yet, what if there were a community of people who cultivated and embodied that presence during a workout to […]

  • What is mPEAK?

    What is mPEAK?

    I first heard about mPEAK (Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) a few years ago when I began my training as a mindfulness based stress reduction teacher at the Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego. mPEAK is a performance training program based on Jon Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program that has […]

  • Building Mental Toughness

    Building Mental Toughness

    I had never heard of Jesse Itzler before yesterday, but I know of Joe Rogan and he tends interview some fascinating people who are doing some cool things, from MMA fighters, entertainers, comedians, and politicians, and he tends to be pretty non-judgmental when doing so, dare I say mindfully. Not too many people are as […]

  • Benefits of HIIT

    Benefits of HIIT

    Jim is a mindfulness based stress reduction teacher, mPEAK Coach in Training, licensed clinical professional counselor and certified personal trainer.  John is an outstanding certified personal trainer and founder of Happy Hour Fitness. Jim- Part of the mission here at Journey Mindfulness is to help people learn how to face the challenges of life and stress […]

  • A Mindful Man: Bill Murray

    A Mindful Man: Bill Murray

    Bill Murray is a national treasure, and that is no small statement. I have thought about it for a few years and if I could get my wish to hang out with any celebrity in the world, it would be him. Even if he wasn’t a celebrity, is there anyone who has more fun and […]

  • Mindfulness Nebraska Style

    Mindfulness Nebraska Style

    I was recently afforded the opportunity to go on a retreat held by the Mindfulness Outreach Initiative based in Omaha and led by Dharma Teacher, Johnathan Woodside, here is what I experienced. I know that people in the midwest are nice, but when I am fortunate enough to experience it I am reminded in the goodness of […]

  • Five Steps for a Mindful New Year

    Five Steps for a Mindful New Year

    It is that time of year when we all proclaim our New Year resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, stop eating sweets, go Keto or on Whole30, exercise more, yogify yourself and buy a gym membership that we will never use, but at least we will feel like we did something, am I right? Some […]

  • Managing Holiday Stress

    Managing Holiday Stress

    ‘Tis the season for holiday giving, endless online shopping…and stress as we try and finish up that last project, work to secure that last-minute gift for our secret santa and figure out how we’re going to use that last PTO day, but still manage to get all of your work completed. Sound familiar? Here are […]

  • Gratitude


    Gratitude can be defined as the quality of being thankful, appreciative, and mindful of those moments, the people, and blessings in our lives. Gratitude is a newer addition to the attitudinal foundation of mindfulness practice. And it is a beautiful concept thtat we are capable of giving, feeling, and even accepting gratitude in any moment, and […]

  • Facing Fear Mindfully

    Facing Fear Mindfully

    How can we face fear? The simple answer is to face it! Sounds so easy, and yet can be so challenging and even overwhelming. To begin with, we can accept that fear exists. There will be moments when we are called to act, because our world is uncomfortable by design and uncertain. Know this. However, we can […]

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